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Alba - Finest Dining Down Under

Truly the coup de grace of the dining part of the trip was Alba, a restaurant in the heart of Noosa. Exceptional fine dining from the elegant décor, outstanding service, and fresh Australian cuisine. Chef Peter Kuruvita’s menu is inspired by his native Sri Lankan and dishes are made with locally sourced ingredients. Creativity at its finest, starting out with the house-made sourdough bread and coconut butter with Australian olive oil. Who could resist? My entrée (starter) was the Black Pepper King Prawns with paneer and coconut, rich and fragrant. My Main (entrée) was the Sri Lankan Snapper in curry, with Aloo chop and tamarind. The curry was earthy with a touch of sweetness and the snapper mild and nutty. The Aloo chop, basically a potato croquette was delightful! I also got to taste the chargrilled glazed eggplant with date chutney. Superb!

Sri Lankan Snapper




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Debbie Thomas came to Paso Robles from Los Angeles in 2003 to pursue a slower pace of life...or so she thought.  She and her then business partner started planting field greens, fruit and nut trees on the Paso Robles property with a strong belief in eating locally and organically. Nine-hundred trees and various row crops later, the property became Thomas Hill Farms, and she and her partner began producing a local CSA program.

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